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“Here is my ID. I announce leaving Islam.”

Here is my passport. My name is Bander Faisal Arsan al-Ayda Alanazi, a Saudi citizen. I announce leaving Islam, the religion of crime, oppression, injustice and promiscuous jurisprudence, that kills women, children and homosexuals. And I also announce that I oppose the criminal Saudi regime; the regime that stole the wealth of the country and its citizens in the name of Islam. No loyalty, no belonging.

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ExMuslim TV is a humanitarian short-video platform. We put a spotlight on those facing imminent danger and provide a safe space for any ex-Muslim to speak up

Our primary mission is to bring forward former and questioning Muslims who are finding themselves in life-threatening situations. A network of international NGOs, lawyers, journalists and activists may then come in support and eventually help resolve the situation.

We also offer a platform for any ex-Muslim to share his or her experience, hopes and concerns. Anonymous or not, our voices inspire courage to those not in a position to speak their mind.

We stand for civil liberties, equality of rights and strongly against anti-Muslim hate.

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